How To: Receive Insider Preview Builds

Opting in to receive Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds:

Those looking for the latest and greatest from Windows 10 updates, can always switch to the Insider Preview Builds of Windows 10. Microsoft themselves, describe this as a way for users to get new features earlier than other, with a minimal risk of bugs. Still interested? Follow the steps below to get started.

1) Hit your Start button and click Settings

2) On the Settings screen, click Update & Security


3) With the Windows Update tab selected, click on Advanced Options


4) Take a look around the options that you have for applying updates to your Windows 10 OS. After you turn on Insider Builds, you may have to restart your PC. You will also see a slider, where you can set just how much of an “Insider” you want to be. Take into consideration that these builds have not been put through the ringer, and may contain bugs. If something does go wrong, worry not, as you can always go back to the stable update path.



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