Windows 10 Built-In 3D Builder

Those who have upgraded to Windows 10, and have done some searching around your new OS, may have noticed the pre-installed 3D Builder program.

While the program may seem like it has a high learning curve, Microsoft has thought ahead and provided some comprehensive how-to videos. Check them out at the link below!


How To: Changing Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Changing privacy settings in Windows 10:

Time: ~5 minutes

Items: PC with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Preview

Skill Level: Beginner


1) In the Windows 10 search box, type Privacy Settings


2) Press Enter or click on the top link that says Privacy Settings


3) The Privacy tab will open. On the left side, you can browse between all the categories


4) Going through each tab, you can disable options that you don’t deem necessary. If in doubt, disable it! (You can always go back and re-enable them)

How To: Check for Updates on Windows 10

Checking for updates on Windows 10:

Time: ~2 minutes (installing updates will take longer)

Items: PC with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Preview

Skill Level: Beginner


1) In the bottom left, next to your start button, click the area that says Search the web and Windows


2) Type Update, and a list of suggestions will appear

3) At the very top of the list, we want to click on Check for updates


4) The Update & Security windows will open, and Windows will automatically start checking for updates


5) If multiple updates are available, they will be listed, and depending on your update settings, will start downloading/installing

6) To change or view these settings, click Advanced Options



That’s it. Please let me know if this helped you out, and feel free to share with friends!

How To: Connect to a shared drive from OS X to Windows

Connecting to a shared drive on your Mac:

Time: ~5 minutes

Items: OS X Mac and login information for your Windows PC

Skill Level: Beginner


Before we begin, be sure that you have the login information for the Windows PC that the shared drive is on.

1) Open Finder on your Mac.


2) Once the Finder window opens up, press Cmd + K. The Connect to Server dialog box pops up.


3) In the Server Address box, type in smb://ComputerName/SharedDriveName. Substitute ComputerName and SharedDriveName with the PC you are trying to connect to, and the drive you are trying to connect to. In the example seen below, I am connecting to a drive name Share Drive on a PC named Mike-PC, therefore I use smb://Mike-PC/Share Drive.

Server Address

4) After hitting enter or Browse, you will be asked to login. This is where you will enter the Windows login information that you use. For example, if your user account on your PC is Mike and your password is Rocket43!, enter that information.

5) You will now be able to view all contents for the drive you specified. Alternatively, you can just enter the computer name and nothing else, to see all files on your PC.


That’s All. Please let me know if this How To post helped you out!