I recently rolled out laps for some of my homelab servers. With LAPS enabled, I no longer have to keep a list of local administrator passwords for my Windows servers. It also prevents you from having one local administrative password across all your VMs.


First, LAPS is a newer feature and only supported on newer OS versions. See: Supported Platforms

This one is kind of obvious, but the VMs must be either Azure Active Directory or Active Directory joined (or hybrid).

DFL of 2016 or higher.


My devices are domain joined so I will be proceeding with the steps for that scenario.

1) First, I made sure my account was in the schema admins group.

2) Then I can run the schema extensions command from one of my 2019 or 2022 domain controllers

Update-LapsADSchema -Verbose

3) I also created a test OU for this. I then created a LAPS GPO and applied it to the OU (make sure you move at least one test VM to that OU)


4) Lastly, I had to grant permission for LAPS to reset the local passwords. In the PowerShell line below, “Laps Test” is the name of my test OU.

Set-LapsADComputerSelfPermission -Identity "Laps Test"

Testing and Verification

Now that everything is set up and has had time to sync, I can test it out and make sure I am rotating the local administrator password on one of my test servers.

On one of my domain controllers I ran the following command to get the password of my test server named “xcpconfigmgr”

Get-LapsADPassword -Identity xcpconfigmgr -AsPlainText

And the output I got


I can then test that password by logging in as the local admin account.

If you run into any issues, take a look at Event Viewer